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PPSC Dupety Accountant Past Papers (Free Download PDF)

PPSC Dupety Accountant Past Papers


PPSC Dupety Accountant Past Papers

Here you will find PPSC Deputy Accountant Jobs Advertisement, Application Form, Test Date, Old Papers, Written Exam Syllabus, Free Online MCQs Test, Notes, Past Papers, Sample Papers, Registration Form Challan Fee, New Paper Pattern, A There will be multiple choice questions.

MCQs), Solved MCQs and Complete Test Preparation Guide. Written exam for the post of Deputy Accountant BPS 16 in Punjab Finance Department is going to be held soon. Welcome to all the candidates who have applied for the above posts and are looking for written exam material past papers etc.

So keep reading this entire article carefully. It would be better for you to practice solving the questions within the time limit.

PPSC Deputy Accountant Syllabus 2023 Past Papers MCQs Test

These question papers will help you know the type of questions and the difficulty level of the question paper. Click on the below link to download Deputy Accountant Jobs Test Five Years Old Papers.

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If you are one of those students then don’t worry, because in this post, I will tell you how to make PPSC preparation easier. The actual test pattern and syllabus of Deputy Accountant Jobs depends on the paper pattern/syllabus/material weightage which is released by PPSC on its official website before the exam.



  1. Word SALAT is of which language?Arabic
  2. Hazrat Usman R.A belong to Which Tribe?Ummayed
  3. Which is second pillar of Islam is? Salat
  4. Salat is the word of which language? Arabic
  5. Agreement of Hudaibia made for how many years?10
  6. Which is First Revealed Surah?fateha
  7. As per area biggest province of pakistan is?Balochistan
  8. When All Indian National Congress Established?  1885
  9. Which Viceroy of subcontinent has Least Tenure?Mountbatten
  10. When Quaid-e-Azam Joined Muslim League?1913
  11. When right of Separate Electorate given?1919
  12. Who Was the Head Of The Constituent Committe formed by Ayub khan?Justice Shahab 
  13. When Ayub Khan Handed over The power to Yaha?1969
  14. Who forwarded the Pakistan Resolution Lahore?Fazal ul Haq
  15. Who Presided meeting of league in 1940?Qaid e Azam
  16. When Liaqat Ali Khan Was Assassinated?16 Oct 1951
  17. When National Anthem was first played?1954
  18. Partition Plan of subcontinent?3rd June 1947
  19. First Five Year Plan period is?1955-1960
  20. Which political party was founded in 1967?PPP
  21. In tashqand declaration who participated from India?Lal Bahadur Shastri
  22. When Name Of NWFP was changed as KPK in?2010
  23. Who was first chief justice of Pakistan?Mian Abdur Rashid
  24. When Kargil conflict was took place in the year?1999
  25. When Financial year Of Pakistan Ends?30 June
  26. Who Was The P.M At the time of 1958 Martial law?Feroz Khan Noon
  27. When Hindi Urdu Conflict started?1867
  28. How many times Pakistan Has won Hockey world cup?4
  29. When One Unit came inot existence?1955
  30. First constituent assembly abloished in?1954
  31. Partition of Bengal take place in?1905
  32. Which Viceray made partition Of Bengal? Lord Curzon
  33. Line betweenn Pakistan And Afghanistan is called?Durand Line
  34. Which Country in West of Pakistan?Afghanistan
  35. Objective resolution was passed on? 12 March 1949
  36. NRO stands for?National Reconcilation Order
  37. Auditor General Is appointed Byxc?President
  38. Bahardur shah Zafar Burried in?Rangoon
  39. Who was Last Governor General of Pakistan?Sikandar Mirza
  40. Province Having largest coastline?Balochistan
  41. Which is Childern Organization of uno?Unicef
  42. Hazrat Usman R.A belong to Which Tribe?Ummayed
  43. Which is Capital Of India?New Delhi
  44. Which is Capital Of Austrlia?Canberra
  45. When Holy Prophet PBUH was born?571 A.D
  46. Who Wrote Muqadma Shair o shairi? Altaf Hussain Haali
  47. Mado jazr e islam?Altaf Hussain Haali
  48. In 1989 burma’s name changed into?Mynamar
  49. Which is not a part of Personal computer?Modem
  50. Illegally use of other computer through programme?Hacking
  51. Which is An input device?Mouse
  52. Which is Out Put device?Moniter
  53. Din Raat Ek krna?Sakht Mehnat
  54. Kali Kholna?Bhaid Khulna
  55. Aab Aab Hona?Khush Hona
  56. GDP stands for?Gross Domestic Product
  57. ISO stands for?International Standard Organization
  58. USA has how many states?50
  59. Faro ghuzashat?Mazi Mein Kho Jana
  60. Aine Akbari kisne likhi?Akbar
  61. Idioms
  62. Call a  Spade Spade?Speak Plainly
  63. Husband One’e resources?Manage The Means Of Other
  64. Bear The Brunt?Face The Task
  65. Bury The Hatchet?Make Peace
  66. To Fish In Troubled Waters? In Difficulty
  67. An Axe to grind?To Have A Selfish Reason
  68. Prepositions
  69. Annoyed?AT
  70. Sorry ?For
  71. Passes?away
  72. Indebted?To
  73. Hand?Over
  74. Eligible?For
  75. Antonyms
  76. Parity?
  77. Endemic?
  78. Benign?
  79. Mirza Ghalib Ka ziada waqt kahan guzra-?Delhi
  80. Hayat e javaid kisne likhi?Haali
  81. The Age of Holy Prophet PBUH At the Death Of His Mother?6
  82. Which Islamic country has largest population?Indonesia
  83. Contantinople Is the Old name of?Istanbol
  84. Heart Have how many chambers?4
  85. Meeting Of OIC in 1974 was held in? Lahore,Pakistan
  87. Which organization is established in 1955?CENTO
  88. What is Common Name Of Sodium Cholride? Salt(am nimak)
  89. Simla deputation comprised on how many members?35
  90. First SAARC summit was held in?Dhakka
  91. Where Allama Iqbal deliverd his historical address?Allah Abad
  92. In 1969 Muamar Gadafi deposed which king?
  93. Where is Red Cross H.Q?Geneva
  94. When Ghandhi Assassinated?1948
  95. Hujjat Tamam krna ka matlab?Daleel Baqi Na Chorna
  96. 1st Martail Law was imposed on? 7 october 1958
  97. Founder Of Modren Turkey? Kamal Ataturk
  98. Zealot Means? Fanatic
  99. Chlorophyll color is? Green


PPSC Written Test Past Paper (Solved) for the Post of Accountant

Q1: Who is the current president of Cuba?
A) Castro
B) Hugo Chavez
C) Miguel Díaz-Canel
D) None of these
Q2: What is the harm from the depletion of Earth’s ozone layer?
A) The Oxygen content of the surface will increase seriously
B) The Oxygen content of the surface will decrease
C) Increase amount of UV rays will reach Earth’s surface
D) None of these
Q3: The United State of America at present is the Federation of?
A) 48 States
B) 50 States
C) 52 States
D) 54 States
Q4: The compound used in anti-malarial drug is?
A) Chloroquin
B) Aspirin
C) Neoprene
D) Isoprene
Q5: Tonsils in humans are located in which part of the body?
A) Legs
B) Nervous System
C) Throat
D) Kidney
Q6: “Leukemia” is the disease of the ……?
A) Lungs
B) Blood
C) Kidney
D) Skin
Q7: The capital of “Somalia” is?
A) Kampuchea
B) Maputo
C) Asmara
D) Mogadishu
Q8: Who was appointed as the first president of All India Muslim League?
A) Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk
B) Nawab Viqar-ul-Mulk
C) Nawab Saleemullah Khan
D) Sir Agha Khan
Q9: Who is a polymath?
A) Mathimatician
B) Astronomer
C) Inventor of Tools
D) Expert of many
Q10: Which Surah of the Holy Quran is called Umm-ul-Kitab?
A) Surah Yaseen
B) Surah Rahman
C) Surah Baqara
D) Surah Fateha
Q11: Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) gave the key of Baitullah permanently to?
A) Hazrat Usman bin Talha R.A
B) Hazrat Abdullah bin Aamir R.A
C) Hazrat Hanzla bin Abi Aamir R.A
D) Hazrat Khalid bin Walid R.A
Q12: Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) went to Syria with Hazrat Abu Talib at the age of?
A) 12 years
B) 15 years
C) 16 years
D) None of these
Q13: What is the meaning of the expression “En route”?
A) On the way
B) By the way
C) Difficult route
D) Familiar route
Q14: Antonym of “Static” (جامد) is?
A) Monotonous
B) Uninviting
C) Mobile
D) Constant
Q15: Complete the Proverb: There is no place like …….?
A) Home
B) House
C) Heaven
D) A forest
Q16: Fill in the blank: The Roman trumped ……. the Greek?
A) on
B) at
C) over
D) of
Q17: Which city of Pakistan is called the “City of Saints”?
A) Laore
B) Multan
C) Faislabad
D) None of these
Q18: The first Pakistan National Marathon race was organized at?
A) Islamabad
B) Karachi
C) Lahore
D) Multan
Q19: In MS-Excel 2016, mainly ……. types of Page Orientations are available?
A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 5
Q20: An email cannot send without?
A) Subject
B) Attachment
C) Receiver’s email Address
D) Message

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Q21: In Medical field computers are used in?
A) Laboratories
B) Patient scanning
C) Monitoring and Pharmacy
D) All of these
Q22: The process of transferring files from the internet to your computer is called?
A) Downloading
B) Uploading
C) Forwarding
Q23: Complete the series: 1, 6, 13, 22, 33, …….?
A) 44
B) 45
C) 46
D) 47
Q24: Solve: If x=3 then, x3 =?  
A) 6
B) 9
C) 27
D) 81
Q25: Ali is twice as old as her youngest brother. If the difference between their ages is 15 years. How old is her youngest brother?
A) 10
B) 15
C) 20
D) 25
Q26: Microsoft Windows is the great invasion of?
A) Charles Ranlett Flint
B) Paul Allen
C) Bill Gates
D) Both B & C
Q27: Who was the first woman to travel in space?
A) Saily Ride
B) Valentina Tereshkova
C) Svetlana Savitskaya
D) Ellen Collins
Q28: “Genoa” is the seaport of?
A) Italy
B) Spain
C) France
D) Germany
Q29: Silicon Valley is situated in?
A) New York, USA
B) California, USA
C) Boston, USA
D) Oxford, UK
Q30: Which of the following country is not part of South Asia?
A) Nepal
B) Bhutan
C) Sri Lanka
D) Brunei Darussalam
Q31: ……. is the longest river of Baluchistan province?
A) Kech
B) Hingol
C) Dasht
D) None of these
Q32: A famous city of Burma is ……?
A) Agra
B) Bangkok
C) Dhaka
D) Rangoon
Q33: Railways, Vehicles and aeroplanes are called?
A) Means of communication
B) Means of transport
C) Means of trade
D) Means of Industrial development
Q34: Civilian Martial Law with president Z.A. Bhutto at the helm of affairs came to end on?
A) April 2, 1972
B) April 21, 1972
C) August 14, 1972
D) August 15, 1972
Q35: Hazrat Shah Wali Ullah, a great religious scholar, was born during the reign of which Mughal emperor? A) Akbar
B) ShahJahan
C) Aurangzeb
D) None of these
Q36: ……. is outcome of payment divided by the interest rate?
A) Due perpetuity
B) Deferred value perpetuity
C) Present value of perpetuity
D) Future value of perpetuity
Q37:  …… is a strategy that focuses on offering cheapest product in the market?
A) Cost leadership
B) Focus Strategy
C) Differential Strategy
D) none of these
Q38: Deferred tax payments would be shown as ……. while calculating net cash flows:
A) Non-cash charges
B) Non-cash revenues
C) Income expense
D) Current liabilities
Q39:  ……. is variable that has infinite number of values.
A) Continuous variable
B) Discrete variable
C) Classificatory variable
D) None of these
Q40: Departmental level goals may be a good synonym of:
A) Corporate level goals
B) Business level goals
C) Operational level goals
D) Financial goals

Q41: A service firm may have additional segment of marketing mix:
A) People
B) Price
C) Place
D) Promotion
Q42:  …… are short term, always backed by a reason and either positive or negative.
A) Emotions
B) Moods
C) Both emotions and moods
D) None of these
Q43: Promotion of an employee to fill a vacant post is a good example of:
A) External recruitment
B) Online recruitment
C) Internal recruitment
D) All of these
Q44: Job enrichment is ……?
A) Vertical expansion in job
B) Horizontal expansion in job
C) Lateral expansion in job
D) None of these
Q45: …… is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange?
A) E-commerce
B) E-currency
C) Crypto currency
D) None of these
Q46: ……. has a unique origin i.e zero:
A) Nominal scale
B) Ordinal scale
C) Interval scale
D) Ratio scale
Q47: A strategy where firm tries to expand the market and move to a new market with existing product is called?
A) Market development
B) Diversification
C) Product development
D) Market Penetration
Q48:  …… not a form of departmentalization:
A) Geographical based
B) Functional based
C) Product based
D) Quality based
Q49: If human is an iceberg, the visible pan of human would better be termed as:
A) Attitude
B) Behavior
C) Attitude
D) None of the above
Q50:  ……. represents the net worth of a business:
A) Assets net of liabilities
B) Liabilities net of assets
C) Liabilities net of earning
D) Earnings per share
Q51: Gathering information from advertising campaigns and sales people could be better named as:
A) Personal sources of information gathering
B) Experiential sources of information gathering
C) Commercial sources of information gathering
D) None of these
Q52: ……. dimension of transformational leadership deals with the focus on each member of the organization.
A) Idealized influence
B) Inspirational motivation
C) Individualized consideration
D) None of the above
Q53:  …… focuses on the future needs of both organizational and employee needs:
A) Training and development
B) Performance management
C) Career management
D) None of these
Q54: The working capital reaches to zero when the current ratio is:
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) None of these
Q55: Accounting principles are generally based on:
A) Practicability
B) Subjectivity
C) Convenience in recording
D) None of the above
Q56: Real accounts are related to:
A) Assets
B) Expense and incomes
C) Customers and creditor
D) None of the above
Q57: Quick Asset includes which of the fallowing?
A) Cash
B) Account receivable
C) Both A & B
D) Marketable securities
Q58: Depreciation Expense is:
A) A cash inflow
B) A cash outflow
C) Added to the accumulated
D) Ignored when proper cash flow statements
Q59: Double entry book-keeping was fathered by?
A) F.W. Taylor
B) Henry Fayol
C) Lucas Pacioli
D) None of the above
Q60: Partners in Pakistan can today be fixed at the following numbers:
A) 20
B) 50
C) 70
D) 22 

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Q61: Cash budget excludes the following:
A) Non-Cash items
B) Cash items
C) Purchase on Credit items
D) Credit sales
Q62: NGOs are legally required to:
A) Prepare accounts in a prescribed manner under the law
B) Prepare accounts as desired by donors
C) Submit Balance sheet only
D) Submit income source only
Q63: Conversion cost is:
A) Material Cost + Overhead Cost
B) Direct Labour + Material Cost
C) Direct Labour – Material Cost
D) Labour Cost + Overhead Cost Process
Q64: Costing is relevant to:
A) Cement industry
B) Job Order cost oriented Projects
C) Banking industry
D) None of the above
Q65: A partnership, in today’s Pakistan, under the current law can have the following number of partners:
A) 50
B) 20
C) 100
D) 70
Q66: Combination can be best described as:
A) Restructuring of Capital of a Company
B) Reduction of Capital of a Company
C) Amalgamation of two different types of businesses
D) Joint venture
Q67: Sources of funds can be increased by:
A) Describing selling prices
B) Increasing expenditure
C) By opting efficient processes
D) None of above
Q68: Books of original entry are called?
A) Ledger
B) Journal
C) Work sheets
D) None of these
Q69: For preparing balance sheets expenses are shown as part of:
A) Liability
B) Equities
C) Assets
D) None of these
Q70: Unpaid and unrecorded expenses are called?
A) Prepaid expenses
B) Accrued expenses
C) Additional expenses
D) None of these
Q71: Amount, cash or other assets removed from business by owner is:
A) Capital
B) Drawings
C) Assets
D) None of these
Q72: Under the diminishing balance method depreciation amount is:
A) Payment
B) Receipt
C) Expenditure
D) None of these
Q73: Return on investment is computed:
A) Investment / Profit x 100
B) (Profit / Investment) x 100
C) (Profit — dividend) / investment x 100
D) None of these
Q74: Sugar used in a sugarcane company is:
A) Variable cost
B) Semi Variable Cost
C) Fixed cost
D) Step fixed cost
Q75: An auditor is liable under the following circumstances:
A) Third Party Liabilities
B) Fraud perpetrated in highly sophisticated circumstances
C) Both of the above
D) None of these
Q76: Conversion Cost is calculated as under:
A) Labour plus Materials
B) Labour plus overheads
C) Labour minus overhead
D) None of these
Q77: Accumulated loss of a company is shown in the balance sheet as:
A) Liability
B) Asset
C) As foot note to balance sheet
D) None of these
Q78: Under the Companies Ordinance 1984, disclosure of financial information is legally required for listed companies under:
A) Schedule 6
B) Schedule 5
C) Schedule 4
D) Schedule 8
Q79: Trading loss occurs when:
A) Revenues exceed the matching relevant
B) Revenue and matching costs are equal to costs each other
C) When relevant matching cost exceeds revenues
D) None of these
Q80: Accounting requirements governing NGOs prescribed in:
A) Partnership Act 1932
B) Cooperative Societies legislation
C) Companies Ordinance 1984
D) None of these
Q81: Work sheet is equivalent to:
A) Balance sheet
B) Income statement
C) Trial Balance
D) None of these

Q82: The following represent tangible assets and are shown in the balance sheet as:
A) People
B) Expenses
C) Revenue
D) Goodwill

Q83: Under the Rule of thumb a good current rat is:
A) 6 : 1
B) 10: 1
C) 5 : 1
D) 2 : 1

Q84: Pakistan follows the following budgeting system at Federal level:
A) Zero-Based Budgeting
B) Program Budgeting
C) Incremental / decremental budgeting
D) Responsibility

Q85: Budgeting PSX is a/an ……. company:
A) Limited by shares
B) Unlimited liability
C) Single member
D) Limited by guarantee

Q86: …… is a better synonym for an average.
A) Geometric mean
B) Harmonic mean
C) Arithmetic mean
D) Weighted average mean

Q87: Setting goals and devising strategies to achieve them denotes which of the management function?
A) Controlling
B) Leading
C) Organizing
D) Planning

Q88: Marketing is an ……..?
A) Outside in activity
B) Inside out activity
C) Both in and outside activity
D) None of these

Q89: Class room lectures, seminars and workshops are example of:
A) Non-Job training
B) On the job training
C) Off the job training
D) None of these

Q90: Selling is different from marketing, as:
A) Selling is outside in activity
B) Selling is inside out activity
C) Marketing is inside out activity
D) All of these

Q91: Herzberg’s Motivation two factor theory covers, factors named ……. And ……?
A) Hygiene and motivator factors
B) Hygiene and esteem factors
C) Motivators and esteem factors
D) None of these

Q92: The ownership of central bank of may belong to:
A) Government
B) Private ownership
C) Both A and B
D) None of these

Q93:  ……. related personality factor deals with one’s ability to manage emotions.
A) Emotional Intelligence
B) Consciousness
C) Neuroticism
D) Openness to experience

Q94:  …… is a form of partnership where a partner is liable for amount of capital invested in business:
A) Special partnership
B) General partnership
C) Limited partnership
D) None of these

Q95: Main Instrument of money market is:
A) Shares
B) Debentures
C) Mortgages
D) Treasury bill

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Download PPSC Deputy Accountant Past Papers pdf.

PPSC Syllabus MCQs for Deputy Accountant Jobs Previous Papers PPSC Advertisement No 6-2019 Deputy Accountant Job Opening Syllabus and MCQs for Test Preparation are available for download from this site.

Explore full list of Jobs 2023 in Pakistani news and newspapers scheduled for Deputy Accountant Jobs 2023.

Deputy Accountant Jobs Syllabus 2023

There are new jobs for August 2023. Deputy Accountant jobs, and July 2023 as well as June 2023 jobs in all cities like Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan, Hyderabad, Quetta, Peshawar, Gujarat, Sahiwal, Gujranwala, Punjab, KPK , Sindh, Balochistan, AJK, etc. Deputy Accountant jobs are open for students, freshers and experienced employees.

MCQs for Deputy Accountants

View complete job description and salary information along with education, training, course, and qualification as well as experience information for Deputy Accountant jobs currently in both private and public sector jobs, for graduates. are available for , Matric, Inter Master and more.

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 PPSC Deputy Accountant Solved Paper 22-12-2019 With Complete Solution 

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Pervaiz Musharaf era MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Zardari era MCQs NotesDownload PDF
National Assembly & Senate MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Constitution of 1956 MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Constitution of 1962 MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Constitution of 1973 MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Historical sites and Places in Pakistan MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Geography of Pakistan MCQs NotesDownload PDF
The highest mountain in Pakistan MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Passes in Pakistan MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Rivers of Pakistan MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Glaciers in Pakistan MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Pakistan & World Organization MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Forts in Pakistan MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Irrigation and canal system in Pakistan MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Dams & Power resources MCQs NotesDownload PDF
CPEC MCQs NotesDownload PDF
First in Pakistan MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Pakistan & World organization MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Miscellaneous important MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Who is Who MCQs NotesDownload PDF

Everyday Science

Biology MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Branches of ScienceDownload PDF
Chemistry MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Discoveries & Inventions MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Disease MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Everyday science MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Mammals & Botany MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Measurements & Weights MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Phobias MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Physics MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Scientific Instruments MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Vitamins MCQs NotesDownload PDF

English Portion

Analogy & its types MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Antonyms MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Antonyms from past papers MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Idioms MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Parts of speech & use of preposition MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Phrases MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Prepositions MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Synonyms & antonyms MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Synonyms MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Synonyms from past papers MCQs NotesDownload PDF

Computer Science

Computer Related Abbreviations MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Computer Science Important MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Computer shortcut MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Information Technology companies & founder name MCQsDownload PDF

Islamic Portion

Religion MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Prophet MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Arab Before Islam MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Hazrat Muhammad born to Nabuwat MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Hazrat Muhammad Nabuwat to Hijrat MCQs NotesDownload PDF
First Islami state to death of Hazrat Muhammad MCQsDownload PDF
Forefathers of Hazrat Muhammad MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Wives of Hazrat Muhammad MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Children of Hazrat Muhammad MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Ghazwat MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Ahadith MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Aqaid e Islam MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Maloomat e Quran Pak MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Sahaba Karam MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Science in Islam MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Tarikh e Islam MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Important Islamiat MCQs NotesDownload PDF

Urdu Portion

Origin of urdu Language MCQsDownload PDF
Taraqi Pasand Tehreek MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Sir Syed Ahmed Khan MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Important Book’s Related MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Afsane and Khaka Nigari MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Anjumen Punjab and Romanvi Tehreek MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Fort William College MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Writers’ books MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Poetry MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Proverbs MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Urdu grammar MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Urdu Novel and Afsana MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Urdu Poet Books MCQs NotesDownload PDF
Urdu Tanz o Mazah and Tahqeeq Tanqeed MCQs NotesDownload PDF

Math Questions with Solution

Most Repeated Math Questions with SolutionsDownload PDF

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