1st Anniversary Messages to Sister

1st Anniversary Messages to Sister

Amplify your sister’s happiness by sending her a wonderful and loving message on her first birthday. Congratulate your sister and brother-in-law in a very charming way and express your feelings to them. The message is about your wishes and feelings that bring a smile to their face. Make the moment memorable for them that takes them back to their past memories. The words of the message represent love, joy and happiness in the relationship.

Listed below is a loving collection of sample first anniversary message to sister.

1). The love story you started writing together a year ago, filled with moments from your past. The story is ready to paint life with many colors and I wish this love story never ends in your life. Happy birthday.
2). Today I am so happy for you that you have a loving and caring life partner, you can annoy him for life. Trust and love make your relationship strong and understanding. Enjoy this beautiful union forever. Happy birthday.
3). Together you strengthen this loving bond for a year. The journey you took a year ago on this day is a long journey, so always stick together to enjoy your happiness. May happiness and love always be in your life. I wish you a very happy birthday.
4). Whatever dreams you have about your life, they are now coming true with the love of your life. Share your smile and cry with your partner and together you will make many beautiful memories that the future holds for you. Happy birthday.
5). In the year you spent together, you both had good days and bad days. Sharing life with each other gives you the smile you love today. Hope you always have a smile on your face. Stay together forever and ever. Happy birthday to you.
6). Capture the beautiful moments from your past and let the bad moments go. Here's to another year of life full of laughter, love, joy and happiness. Accept every color with your open heart and enjoy life together. Happy birthday.

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