Funny Anniversary Messages for Husband

Funny Birthday Messages for Husband

On his birthday, send a beautiful funny message to your husband expressing all your feelings and love. Present your past memories in a funny and romantic way through words and gift a sweet smile on your boyfriend’s face. The words of the message express all your wishes and happiness and bring back all the memories you have spent together. Add your personal touch to your message and make it more beautiful.

A great collection of funny birthday message samples for your husband is presented below.

In all these years, two things have never changed, one is our love for each other and the other is that you never forget to annoy me. But when you offend me, I get angry because I didn't want to waste your effort. Happy birthday.
I love you always, no matter the circumstances. You are with me in my sorrows and in my gains and I know that you always try your best to cheer up my mood, even you can cry for me. You are the perfect partner. Happy birthday.
You comfort me in my tears and you are always there to listen to all my nonsense stories. You can be boring sometimes, but the best part is that you never tell me to stop. I love you and this is our love anniversary.
Always be who you are, you love me, you give me your smile. You hold me in your heart. Never let me go, not for a while. With you, I want to spend the rest of my life. Happy birthday.
I have enjoyed many colors of life with you and we have experienced a beautiful past together, full of love and a little argument. The whole day may not be the same but loving you is the solution to all my pains. Happy birthday.
 Love makes relationships stronger, but strife brings us closer. So when we thought we needed to get closer, you argued with me and I accepted it. Our relationship comes in all colors and I welcome them all. I love you.
“Oh dear!! Know how a lot I enjoyed irritating you on each one of these days, And am being celebrated again now to believe that I am still having floss opportunity, Therefore allow us to celebrate the Anniversary.”
“Anniversaries advise me which I feel can annoy you again. Nice this past year giving me lots of opportunities. For the time being, happy anniversary!”

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